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Starting out as a freelance writer is not an easy task. There are a lot of competitions out there. After all, writing a blog post is not that hard. Everyone can technically be a blogger. If you want to work for blog mills where you write a post for $5, then as long as you are an English speaker, you will find clients. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd. If you want to produce content that will earn you above $50 or more a post, then you will need to write engaging blog posts.

When I go back and read some of the posts I wrote 6 months ago, I cringe at thought of my audience reading them. 


They sucked!

The reason they sucked is that I rushed to create those posts. They also lacked some or all of the basic elements of an engaging blog post. 

What is an engaging blog post?

An engaging post is one that is one that:

  • Captures the reader’s attention
  • Provides valuable information to the reader
  • Uses concise and direct language
  • Leaves the reader wanting more

It takes time to master all of the above skills. You need to practice writing in different categories. You need to sharpen your writing voice. I haven’t mastered all of this. But, I have improved exponentially in the last month. I have improved enough that good writers want to follow me and read my posts. I have improved enough that publications regularly publish my posts on a variety of topics.

What’s my secret?


  • You need writers to read your posts and critique what you have written. 
  • You also need to practice writing different types of blog posts about different topics in different genres.

As a freelance writer, companies will pay you to write about topics that are often not in your domain. Each genre often warrants a different voice for a writer. 

To be able to land clients from different types of companies, practice is key. 

Where can you practice writing without signing up to an MFA program with a community of writers? 

This is probably the best-kept secret of career freelancer writers: Medium. 

Medium is a blogging platform that allows the writer to:

1) Experiment with writing in different genres

2) Read blog posts of writers who are much more experienced

3) Engage with writers in a community

4) Receive feedbacks on your writing

On top of all of that, you can also publish your work in a variety of Medium publications. This will give you additional exposure to your writing. 

How do you get started with Medium? 

You can sign up here for Medium. 

Once you sign up, check out my post about all that I have learned while writing on Medium. 

After you are done, follow me, and check out all the great articles on the front page of Medium. 

By following me, your articles will appear on my homepage. I will be able to read and engage with your story.

Once you are ready to write, start a post. 

Write, Write and keep writing. 

Guess what: Medium pays for articles!

Yes, you heard right. All you have to do is join the MPP program in Medium for $5 a month.

Once you publish your writing in the MPP program, you will be paid for the amount of engagement on your posts: reads, claps, and comments.

Once you sign up, check out my post about all that I have learned while writing on Medium. 

Now, go write and keep writing!

Enjoy! I hope Medium works wonders for your writing as it did for me. Getting paid is only the side benefit.

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