Hi, I’m Jun Wu – the author of this website. I’m a single mom and a mindful parent who makes conscious decisions to parent my child so that he will become a well adjusted adult. Through this website, I want to inspire other parents to: let their child play, make conscious parenting decisions and connect with their children.

Why do I blog? 

In my previous corporate career as an technologist for large banks,  I discovered in fact that I had the personality of a person who is too compassion and shared her knowledge too readily with others.
Discovering that, I spent some years trying to figure out how I would use my compassion to help others. After failing at a number of different career paths, I came upon blogging.

I’m not an expert parent. I don’t have a degree in child education. But, I’m a mom who is consciously trying to parent better every day. For everyday issues about parenting, homeschooling and blogging, I’m in the trenches dealing.

I try to speak the truth to issues that I genuinely care about. If I come upon products and services that have helped me, I recommend them in hopes that they will really help you deal with the same issues.  If you liked my recommendations and buy those products from me, then it’s great. But, if not, the fact that you even read my posts, makes me feel like in a small way I’m making a difference!

Why do I homeschool my child?

It took me a year to figure out that I wanted to homeschool my son. The reasons I homeschool my son are very simple:

1) I feel that in the security of our home, my son will learn better.
2) My son often has very specialized interested that are borderline obsessions. I want to be able to adjust our curriculum based on his interests.
3) My son has both sensitivities and sensory issues that makes it hard for other care takers to deal with. I rather be the one to deal with them instead of a nanny, preschool teacher or a daycare worker.

I hope that if I homeschooled him right, he will be school ready when he starts kindergarten.

I will share all my homeschool materials in the hope that you will join us in our homeschooling journey. We don’t all have to be alone in our living rooms. We can be connected and establish a community.

Why do I blog about blogging? 

Starting a new blog, I researched a lot of tips and tricks. Often, the best tips are buried under a lot of fluff. After spending time trying tricks out and figuring out the best ones for my purposes, I feel that a new blogger can benefit from a case study in realtime of someone just starting a blog.
I try tips and tricks as I go along my blog journey. I put out blogging tips every month so that you can follow my site as a case study.

What kinds of collaborations do I do, have done or are looking to do in the future?

On this site, I showcase “Awesome Parent Bloggers” every month. I try to find parent bloggers who really speak to their niche. If you want to be featured, contact me at [email protected]

Starting in December 2018, I will start a Travel Post section where I will showcase fun excursion destinations that my family loves. If you are a business in the upstate NY area and would like to be featured, contact me at [email protected]

In the beginning of 2019 along with launching our homeschool curriculum, I will be launching an amazon toy store full of toys that are economical to supplement our homeschooling curriculum.

I’m always looking for feedbacks from educators, parents and fellow bloggers, drop me a line if you want to talk about anything at [email protected]

What personal projects that I pursue?


I’m starting out as a freelance writer. This year, I am pursuing guest posting opportunities related to parenting, homeschooling and blogging.

Currently, I am a writer at Medium publications: Ascent, P. S. I Love You, Publishous, Every Child Matters, Writers Guild and more.

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Pinterest Social Media Marketer

I also work as a Pinterest Marketer helping businesses grow their Pinterest presence. You can find me on Fivrr and Upwork. 

On my time off, I’m always reading, writing and taking my son on the next adventure. You can follow our Instagram account for daily musings. 

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