What is Mindful Parenting?

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When I think of mindful parenting, I first think about what is mindful living? It is when you are consciously making choices that are good for yourself. You are planning, taking time and taking care to make good choices. That is exactly what mindful parenting is. It is when the parents center their parenting entirely on thinking through every decision that affects the child. It is when the parent puts the child before him or herself  in parenting decisions.

When I first became a parent, I was that mom who read many books on parenting philosophies that are as varied as they come. After I read about mindful parenting, I realized that it has nothing to do with parenting philosophy. It has everything to do with doing whatever it takes to make good decisions for the child; making and keeping family connections; and being present while being with the child.

In this way, mindful parenting does not ask the parent to adhere to any parenting philosophy. It simply asks the parent to do their best to parent as best as he or she can.


Mindful Parenting is when parents intentionally make decisions based on the child’s needs and wants. It takes patience and practice. Click to read more.

What kind of child is raised by a mindful parent?

A mindful parent ultimately raises a happy child. This child is able to play independently, able to love others and join in social activities peacefully. This child when grown will be able to lead productive lives and contribute to society in a positive manner. In other words, this child will turn into a happy adult.

How do we practice mindful parenting?

As parents, we are probably already practicing mindful parenting in many aspects of our lives. When we feed our babies organic food, we are consciously thinking through their nutritional choices; When we hold them when they are little and carry them in a sack, we are consciously thinking through how they will attach to us; When we plan the schools they will go to, we are consciously thinking about what kind of an educator do we want to partner with to raise our kids. Taking it a bit further, practicing mindful parenting everyday while real life throws curve balls at your family, that’s not as easy.

We all eventually figure it out with the right help.

How does mindful parenting help us as parents? 

Mindful parenting calls for a lot of time and space. It requires the parents to have extra patience. At the same time, it helps parents to communicate with their children when they are older since a good solid connection is established young. It also helps parents enjoy their parenthood more since they connect with and play with their children more.
If you want to read more about mindful parenting, here are some resources that you can check out.

ChildMind has an incredible article that explains the fundamentals very well.

These are the books that got me started.

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Dr. Laura Markham provides parents a guide to teach their children to self-regulate their emotions. It is the power tool in the mindful parenting tool box.
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Dr. Shefali Tsabary presents connection as the key to better parent our children. She shows parents how to identify and fix their non-connected behaviors so that our families can be more connected.
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Dr. Kristen Race presents mindful parenting as a solution for everyday problems. She looks at the modern family and identifies problem areas. Then, she presents mindful parenting as a solution to those problems.
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Meredith Sinclair attempts to teach parents how to be fun and to have fun. She also argues that having that playful family vibe in the family will strengthen connections and lessen problematic behaviors.

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Mindful Parenting is when parents intentionally make decisions based on the child\'s needs and wants. It takes patience and practice. Click to read more.

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