Time Preschool Activities

This week in our homeschool preschool, our theme is “Time”. Through the introduction of the clock, we will learn all about the concept of time. Through preschool activities such as number puzzle, peg board, stacking cups and counting the clock hand, we will learn all about numbers and their sequence on the clock.

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Our Curriculum for this week:

Theme: Time
Number Puzzle GameStick PlayIntroduce the ClockStacking Numbered CupsMake a Clock Craft
Naming Numbers, Recognize NumbersCounting out sticks for each numberName Numbers on the ClockHow tall is the tower? Clock Hand Long vs Short
Find a number sensory binPeg Board PlayWhat time is it now game?How many cups are in the tower? Hop around the clock

Naming Numbers

Skills: spatial skills

Materials: number puzzle

Presentation Notes:

  • Take all the puzzle pieces and put it to one side.
  • Hold out one puzzle piece at a time and name it with your child.
  • Then, let the child place the puzzle piece in the correct place.


  • Make a sensory bin with cut shredded paper.
  • Then, place the number puzzle pieces in there for your child to find.

Character Lessons: persistence and concentration

Stick Play

Skills: Counting

Materials: wooden or plastic sticks, number puzzle pieces

Presentation Notes:

  • Counting out sticks for each number puzzle piece.
  • Ask your child to count the sticks with you for each number.


  • Ask your child to play with the peg board.
  • Each time your child puts a piece on the peg board, count with your child the pieces.

Character Lessons: persistence, concentration

Introduce the Clock

Skills: Verbal

Materials: Toy clock or a regular clock

Presentation Notes:

  • Introduce the clock to your child.
  • Show your child the numbers on the clock.
  • Turn the clock off and move the hand of the clock in sequence as you name the numbers.


  • As you move through the day, for every hour, go look at the clock with your child and name the number on the clock hand.

Character Lessons: punctuality

Stacking Cups

Skills: Verbal, Spatial

Materials: 10 paper cups or 10 blocks

Presentation Notes:

  • Stack the paper cups one on top of the other.
  • Ask your child to count how many stories are in the tower.


  • Line the paper cups up and mark them 1 through 9.
  • During snack time, serve the exact amount of pieces of snacks in a given cup.
  • Then, ask your child to count as your child is eating it.

Character Lessons: concentration

Make a Clock Craft

Skills: fine motor, verbal

Materials: Paper Plate, glue, craft paper, a pin

Presentation Notes:


  • As you go through your day, turn the clock hand to the correct hour of the day.
  • Name the number on the clock together.

Character Lessons: punctuality

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