St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Activities

This week in our homeschool preschool, our theme is “St. Patrick’s Day”. We will be learing about all about the tales of St. Patrick’s day. Through preschool activities such as making a Shamrock, Leprachaun Trap, we will be celebrating the holiday. At the same time, we will be focused on learning to count, imaginative play and naming colors.

Here are some tales of St. Patrick’s day to watch with your children.

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Our Curriculum for this week:

03/11/2019->03/15/2019Theme: St. Patrick’s Day
1Making St. Patrick’s Day HatMaking Shamrock Paper Plate RainbowMaking a Leprechaun TrapMaking Leprechauns
2Color St. Patrick’s HatCounting the PetalsSpelling “Rainbow”Counting FigurinesLeprechauns Mystery Find
3Imaginative Play wearing the hatDecorating Window with ShamrocksTwo Color Mixing = GreenHiding Figurines inside Leprechaun TrapPut Together a Scenery

Making St. Patrick’s Day Hat

Skills: fine motor skills

Materials: green, black and gold craft paper.

Presentation Notes:


  • Use a marker and ask your child to decorate the hat.
  • Wear the hat and pretend that you are a leprechaun.

Character Lessons: concentration and imagination

Making Shamrock

Skills: fine motor skills

Materials: marker, green craft paper

Presentation Notes:

Use the instructions in this video, draw the shamrock on the green craft paper and then cut out the shamrock


  • Count the petals in the shamrock.
  • Make a lot of shamrocks, using double sided tape to put it on windows.

Character Lessons: math and verbal skills

Paper Plate Rainbow

Skills: fine motor, writing, color identification

Materials: paper plates, scissor, staples, hole puncher, paint

Presentation Notes:


  • Spelling the word Rainbow with your child
  • Name all the colors in the rainbow
  • Which two colors make green? Try it and see

Character Lessons: concentration, recovery from failure

Making a Leprechaun Trap

Skills: fine motor skills

Materials: empty shoe box. Green construction paper, tape, glue, scissors, rainbow paper, cotton balls, st. patrick’s day garland, pot of gold and embellishments from dollar store.

Presentation Notes:

Use the instructions here to make the Leprechaun Trap with your child.


Ask your child to pick out favorite figurines to place inside the trap.

Imagine the figurines are leprechauns, give your child time to play with the trap.

Character Lessons: imagination

Making Leprechauns

Skills: fine motor

Materials: paper plate, green paper, black paper, yellow paper, marker pens, glue, scissor

Presentation Notes:

Make Leprechaun heads using the directions provided in this video.


When your child is not looking, place the leprechauns in different parts of the house. Ask your child to find them all.

Using the leprechauns and the leftover decorations from dollar store, ask your child to create a St. Patrick’s day scenery on poster paper.

Character Lessons: bravery, imagination

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