SkyRocket your Pinterest Monthly Views to 120K in 30 Days

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Before I go into tricks, I want to thank all my followers on Pinterest who make this possible for me. I’m so excited about the 120K Pinterest Monthly Views since I’m only at my 3rd month of blogging. 80% of my traffic have been coming from Pinterest.

Pinterest is probably one of the only platforms where a brand new blogger can receive such exposures!

Let me back track a bit.

From the beginning, I learned that I love to:

  • Generate graphics
  • Write copy
  • Organize boards

These interests points me directly to Pinterest as my main marketing platform.
Pinterest allows me to:

  • target my audience
  • refine my ideas for blog posts
  • gain steady exposure

In the first two months of blogging, I reached 60K Views as well as 500 Engaged, read my post about the strategies I used.

From the second month to the third month, major growth started to happen that saw my views double to 120K Views and engagement exponentially increase from 500 to 4000+. I also doubled my followers.

skyrocket Pinterest Monthly Views 2
How I skyrocketed my Pinterest monthly views from 65K to 120K in 30 days | Pinterest | Blogging

Before you reach a mass audience, you want to really refine your blog posts so that you don’t turn your audience away, but to draw them in.
Here’s a blog post by a seasoned writer about writing a good post.

Now that you have a “Traffic Ready” blog, Get Set and Let the Traffic Come!

10 Ways to SkyRocket your Pinterest Monthly Views to 120K in 30 Days

skyrocket Pinterest Monthly Views 2

Organize your one main board and explode it.

What is the one board on your Pinterest account that defines what your blog is all about?

Take that board, organize the board into sections.

Take a look at the sections: which sections contain your most popular pins?

Then, take those sections and make individual boards of them.
After that, schedule YOUR own pins in Tailwind to those boards.

What this does is to:

  • give you additional exposure to the blog posts that you have posted. 
  • give you additional places to put Pinterest keywords and search terms (in the descriptions of the new boards) to reach a wider audience.

Just doing this on my main boards led to the first increase in views in the above graph.

Make your blog social media friendly – cross promote posts, pins on social media.

  • Set up Monarch on your blog so that your pins get shared on other Social Media Outlets.
  • Put Pinterest board links into your blog.
  • Invite Readers to pin your post onto their board by providing a link of the pin.

The day after I implemented all of this, a well known mommy blogger retweeted one of my blog posts to her followers which resulted in a spike in direct clicks to my site.

This pin also resulted in 16 times my normal pin exposure on Pinterest. My normal pin exposure on Pinterest was about 1000 (tiny). However, because of the tweet, that pin got about 16K exposure on Pinterest in two days. This 16K exposure translated to about 100 direct clicks onto my site in one day. I have since pinned this pin onto many of my other boards. If any of these pins takes off, then I will gain even more exposure.

Revise your Pins and Rebrand them well

During this month, while pining to some group boards, I found pins on other people’s accounts that were too similar to my brand. So, I decided to rebrand my pins. It turns out the new pins were getting a much higher click through rate.

Here’s the before and after pins side by side. You can see the one on the right has a branding layout that is much better than the one on the left.

skyrocket Pinterest Monthly Views3
How I skyrocketed my Pinterest monthly views from 65K to 120K in 30 days | Pinterest | Blogging

The new layout included:

  • Lighter pin color which is recommended for Pinterest.
  • Topic of the post is highlighted.
  • Longer description area inside the pin
  • My brand is on top with the title instead of on the bottom.

The new layout also provided me with an opportunity to clean up my old pins.

With the new pins out, I deleted old pins that were getting low exposures. DO NOT delete the old pins with high exposures, otherwise you will experience a decrease in exposures immediately after deletion.

Then, I pinned the new pins onto those boards. The “Activities” tab showed the new pin’s statistics were much better than the old ones (larger exposure, more re-pins, more click throughs).

Write pin descriptions that includes a call to action, hashtags and Pinterest keywords

With the new pins, I started to put better descriptions to my pins.
I limited the descriptions to 150 characters. This enabled me to write concise copies that were easier to read through. After the description, I put in a call to action “Click to Read More”. Then, I put in a few Pinterest search terms. Finally, I put in hashtags that were searchable on Pinterest.

Don’t over do on the search terms or hashtags. If you write in a niche, it may take some time, but you will get the exposure.

Establish a pin schedule

In the second month, I finally had enough boards that I pinned to consistently. Out of those 40 boards, there are 30 boards that relates directly to my niche audience. These boards are maintained religiously.

Pinning the right content onto those boards was definitely something I needed to keep up.

My method of pining is this: I identified gaps in content in my boards and I scheduled good pins to fill them.

A good pin is one that’s pretty and links to a well-written, informed post.
Below are all the questions I ask myself when I pin to my boards:

ks to a well-written, informed post.
Below are all the questions I ask myself when I pin to my boards:

  • “What content does this board need?”
  • “Do my pins stand out in this section of the board?”
  • “Do I need to organize the board with new sections?”

Organize all your most important boards

Without organization on Pinterest, you will have an account with boards that are unusable and flooded with pins pretty quick.

From day one, after I filled my initial 20 boards, I created one board a week systematically. I then put aside 1 hour each week just to keep all boards organized.

This also gives me an additional opportunity to review my pins.

  • Are there enough of my original pins in this section?
  • Are there too many of similar pins of same topic in this section?

Cleanup your follow list

Pinterest algorithm relies heavily on how trust worthy your account is. This means that you have to look at who you are following and who is following you.

At some point, because of the “Funny” content on my site, I was getting all these X rated and inactive accounts following my site. Fine, I don’t have a way to stop them from following me. However, I definitely do not need to follow them.

So, every week, I looked at my followers, I stopped following any followers that look “suspicious”.

I also deleted most of that “Funny” content so that my boards are geared toward my targeted audience.

Once I finally started getting my niche audience consistently to follow me, then I knew that this method works.

Pin to limited amounts of group boards

Popular Group boards are difficult to get on to. I remember pinning a lot in the first month onto Tailwind tribes and sharing other’s content. Still, I was not getting anyone to accept my Group Board Invitations.

In the second month, my first invitation on to a group board came from a well known mommy blogger whose 3 tailwind tribes I’ve been pinning to successfully for the past month. It was believe it or not due to “one” single pin I had for my “one” blogpost that she liked.

After that first invitation, I decided that what I needed was to get on the “right” group boards. So, I looked at the boards other successful bloggers were on and sent out invitations.

In my email to the group board owners, I always gave honest statistics about how long I have been pinning to Tailwind tribes.

After I gained about 400 followers and 60K exposure, I started to receive invitations. At that point, I had pinned about 30 pins for 30 blog posts successfully in Tailwind.

Almost immediately, my exposure increased after I started pinning to the 5 group boards that I got accepted in.

What is interesting is that the best part of group board usage is not to gain more exposure. It’s actually getting honest feedback about the topic of the blog post. If you pin a post that your audience is interested in on those group boards, you will see traffic increase almost immediately. 

I usually manually pin to group boards so that I can gauge my audience’s reaction immediately to my posts.

Web Hosting

Write blog post collections

One of the biggest growth point that I found useful is that I figured out how I would approach blogging going forward.

Of all the blog posts that received the most traffic, when I write 2 or 3 posts on the same topic in a sequence, that topic inevitably receives attention.
When I realized this, I started to write the following:

  • one blog post about the main topic
  • one blog post about the materials supporting that topic (more resources)
  • one blog post about a personal story or opinion piece that supported the views in that main topic.

Now that you have read all my strategies, you can implement these on your website and see them increase your traffic.

At the center of my strategies are these TOOLS that were intrinsically helpful to getting me consistent good traffic.

Get these tools ASAP and get them below:


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