Pinterest and Tailwind Tutorial for Beginners

There are many social media platforms for businesses online. Pinterest is the only one that can drive traffic immediately to your new online presence. This post: Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners will explain what Pinterest is used for. Then, it will guide you through the process of creating a Pinterest Business Account, creating Pinterest boards, finding Pinterest keywords for SEO optimization, and schedule Pins using the Tailwind Scheduler.

What is Pinterest? Who uses it?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinners or users pin their ideas as images onto boards that they curate. These boards are then shared within the community. Each person from the community can discover the content from those boards.

  • Most pinners will use it for sharing inspiration, ideas and for discovering new products. 
  • Most marketers use it to target customers, create brand awareness and generate quality traffic to their website. 

Why does an online business need Pinterest?

Pinterest currently has over 250 million users world-wide (last checked 09/17/2018). Out of that 250 million, 125 million are users from the US. These Pinterest users are sharing 175 billion pins. 

That’s a lot of ideas from a lot of potential customers. 

What does that mean for my business?

As a business, what you want is not just traffic. You want traffic that is highly engaged people who are already interested in your product. This way the conversion rate will be much higher when they land at your site.  

That is what Pinterest will send you – quality traffic. 

  • 40% of the Pinners have a household income of $100K and higher.
  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product found on Pinterest. 
  • 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline. 

What about the Millennials? They are the ones who will be my targeted customers?

  • Millennials like Pinterest as much as Instagram.
  • 1 in 2 Millennials use Pinterest every month. 
  • Over 80% of user access from Pinterest comes from mobile phones. 

Are you ready to try Pinterest for yourself?

To get started with Pinterest, you will need a business account. A business account will enable you to create Rich Pins. Rich Pins have a higher click-through rate than regular pins. 

Go to Pinterest -> Type in a Username and Password to get started. 

Once you have logged in, the first thing to do is to create a Profile. Click on the three dots in the corner. Then, click on Settings -> Profile. 

Business Name – This is the name of your business. Preferably this will be the same as your facebook name, twitter name or your website name. Having the same name makes it easier to cross-promote your products across different social media channels. 

Picture – This is your business logo. If you are an online service business that use your photo to attract your clients online, then you want to use your photo here as well. Remember Pinterest pinners love to look at pictures that are well designed.

Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners
Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners

Username – This should be the social media that you use for your online website. 

Location – This is where you want to fill out the country of your business. 

About you – This is where you want to search for some keywords that you would like your profile to rank for. These are Pinterest keywords. They may be different from the keywords that you have found for other search engines such as Google and Bing.

How to find Pinterest keywords?

  1. The easiest method to find Pinterest keywords is to type your Google keywords that you rank for into the search bar in Pinterest and then see what you find. 
Pinterest Tutorial For Beginners

Here, I typed in konmari into the search bar on Pinterest. The keyword that is the most popular in that category: “konmari method” comes up first. After that, it’s “konmari“, “konmari method folding” etc… 

Now that you have filled out your profile, let’s move on to setting up the ability to use Rich Pins for your account. Rich Pins will SEO better and generate higher click throughs. The difference between Rich Pins and regular Pins is that your profile gets attached to the Rich Pins. This means that on every pin, your audience will see your brand. In turn, it will generate higher brand awareness through all your pins.

  1. Install Yoast SEO to turn on search meta data information for your website. If you are unfamiliar with this plugin. You can read all about it here

Now once you have Yoast SEO enabled, go to “Features” tab -> Advanced Settings Pages-> Turn on “Enable”. 

  • In a few days, you will be notified that they have approved your application. Then, you will see your account information show up on your pins. 

Now that you are all set up with Pinterest, we can move on to setting up Tailwind to schedule all your pins.

With the Tailwind scheduler, you will be able to schedule your pins to go on your board at the most optimal time when your audience are pinning the most. The scheduler will do this automatically every day. The optimal amount of pins vary for the business. However, I would start with one pin every hour so that your audience is engaged.

First, go to the Tailwind App click signup link at the bottom of the login box. Then, click “Signup with Pinterest”. Fill out all your Pinterest Account information. Then, you will be logged into Tailwind.

Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners
Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners

The first thing you want to do when you log into your dashboard is to define a schedule. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on Publisher -> Your Schedule. 

Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners

This will bring up a blank schedule on the main window. You want to click “Add Time Slot” to add time slots. Tailwind predetermines the optimal pinning time slot by showing them in green first. If you want to change the time, just click on the individual time slots. 

Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners
Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners

After you fill out all the time slots for all the days of the week, then it will be automatically saved on your Tailwind app.

How to create a Pinterest Board?

We can now go back to Pinterest to add a board to your account, add a pin and schedule it with Tailwind. 

Go to the upper right corner of your Pinterest account. You will see a plus sign. Choose “Plus sign” -> Add Board

Then, you will see a blank board with the above menu on top. Click the pencil icon or the Edit icon. Add a Board Name. Then, add a description of the Board. Now, after the one line, you can put Pinterest keywords so that your board can be found. You can put as many Pinterest keywords as the character will allow. Then, define the category from the drop-down list -> click the Save button.

Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners 6
Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners 6

Now that you have a Pinterest Board. As a practice, add 4 more boards to your account.

How to create a pin?

Next up is creating a pin. To create the pin, you will need to click the plus icon on the top right-hand side of your Pinterest account. Then, click Create Pin. Drag a photo into the main photo section. Then, add a title. Input a URL at the URL section. Then, type in a description. For the description, you want to include as many Pinterest keywords as possible. 

Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners
Pinterest Tutorial for Beginners

Now, you can choose a board that you just created and hit the Save button. Then, click see it now to see it on the Board. 

How to schedule a pin in Tailwind?

Find a pin in Pinterest Browser. Then, hover on the pin, you will see this Tailwind icon pop up. 

Click on the button will take you to the Tailwind Scheduler.

Pinterest tutorial for beginner
Pinterest tutorial for beginner

In the Tailwind Scheduler, you will see the pin appear with a box to select a Pinterest Board you want to pin to. (Both Group boards and individual boards on your account will appear here). Select the Board you want to pin to and then click “Add to Queue Now”. 

Pinterest Tutorial For Beginner
Pinterest Tutorial For Beginner

Finally, you want to go back to your Tailwind Schedule by clicking “Publisher”-> “My Scheduled Pins”. On your right-hand side, you should see all your pins appear on your schedule. Click Shuffle Queue” so that your pins are randomized. 

Pinterest Tutorial for beginners
Pinterest Tutorial for beginners

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