5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination while Working from Home

As a mom working from home, it is often difficult to focus. By the time my toddler’s nap rolls around (if that happens at all), my energy is pretty depleted. Yet, I have to concentrate on my to-do list in order to take advantage of those precious two hours I have to devote to running my business. It’s not an easy task to beat procrastination while working from home with a toddler.

The intensity of my days often makes me want to hide under the covers. As I go through project milestones, I am paralyzed at the tasks that are coming up. They seem to get harder by the day.

How do I work through my own procrastination and take action? 

I have a routine that I rely on most days. This routine helps me snap out of my brain fog and get to work. Even when I am completely depressed about the future of my business or depleted energy wise, I rely on this routine to make it work. 

Close Your Eyes

Before I start on my work session, I often close my eyes for a few seconds. If I have time to take a shower or do a yoga move, I do it. By performing a self care task, my brain fog clears up long enough to allow me to take further actions to accomplish my task. 

Urgent Item

This is what I do in the morning to focus my day. Whatever happens during the day, I focus on one urgent item that must be accomplished. This item is at the top item on my priority list. This item is a nonnegotiable. This item could be anything: a blog post, scheduling social media, throwing out the garbage. By the end of the day, this item will be crossed off my list.

Social Media Motivates

I love joining blogging groups on Facebook or listening to a motivational podcast. When I hear success stories, I get a boost of energy. Socializing with successful bloggers give me inspiration to start a new project. I let social media keep me on track as far as moving through the milestones of my projects.

Break Projects Down to Bite Sized Pieces

On my to-do list are usually small projects that I can accomplish during my 2 hours of work time. These projects usually consist of 3 to 4 steps that I have memorized. If a project takes more steps, I will break that project up into two projects instead. By doing that, I know that each project only has 3 or 4 steps. These steps appear easy enough to finish no matter how busy the day is. Therefore, whatever happens on that day, I can always finish one project. 

The 1% Rule

I don’t do big fancy plans. Big marketing plans and business plans are for more established businesses. Right now, I have immediate goals for my business. I simply devise small strategies to deal with these immediate goals. I move from one goal to the next. In the back of my mind, I keep track of the big picture. But, on a day to day basis, I am only focused on the immediate goal. If I can accomplish 1% of what needs to be done, it is still an improvement on the previous day. I simply try to squeeze in as many of these 1% workload as possible into my work time.

Next time when you don’t feel like getting off the couch, I hope that you will give these 5 tips a try. You might be able to accomplish more than you think you will.

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