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After I made the decision to do homeschool preschool with my son who is almost 3 years old, I felt a rush of emotions: guilt, happiness, nervousness etc.. I am not a certified as a teacher. I’m only a mindful parent. I’m still working on parenting. Can I really do this?

What I do know is that a nervous mom makes a pretty good researcher. So, I took the time to plan. If you are like me: a mom who is trying.. Please  come and join our mailing list below so that you can receive homeschool preschool materials & curriculum.

I’m putting together this curriculum for the 3 years old to 4 years old set containing preschool activities each week day. However, many of the activities will have easier extensions slightly above and slightly below the age range.

The first packet will go out mid January for both January and February.

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Materials include:

  • Curriculum for the Month
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Rhythm and Schedule

From early on, I did not want to overcrowd my son’s days. I limit our preschool activities to 3 activities per day – 20 minute sessions 3 times per day.

Our schedule looks like this:

  • After Breakfast – preschool activity 1 – 20 minutes
  • Quiet time after lunch – preschool activity 2 – 20 minutes
  • After Dinner – preschool activity 3 – 20 minutes

Alternatively, you can group all the activities into one hour and do it in the morning or afternoon that is convenient for your family.

When we are not working on preschool activities, we are often engaged in free play, nature excursions, practical activities and social excursions per my son’s request. These activities are done incorporating his interests of the moment.

5 Areas of Focus for our Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

  • Incorporating spatial, math, verbal, environmental and cultural learning skills:
    • Spatial skill is the skill required to visualize objects and patterns. It is the fundamental skill underlying STEM learning later on in elementary school.
    • Math skill in preschool is related to learning symbol systems, understanding the concept of counting by recognize “same” versus “different”. Taking it one step further, it is the intuitive recognition of taking away (subtracting) and putting in more (adding). It’s also about comparison and measurement.
    • Verbal skills in preschool is related to putting names to everyday objects. It is the practice of speaking the language. It is also related to the fluency of using descriptive language in story telling. Recognizing letters and sight words are not the objective here. However, learning about phonetics and absorbing sight words in activities, practice the mechanics of reading and spelling will be the objective here.
    • Learning about the environment  is the foundation for learning about many subjects such as Botany, Zoology, Geology and Geography later on. For now, the emphasis is at experiencing the environment using senses and explore in creative ways. The parts of the child’s environment may be brought inside for detailed explorations through sensory boxes, crafts, experiments and imaginative play.
    • Learning about culture and art is related to learning about traditions, inter-relations of people and the world. This culture learning starts with introducing activities that describe important holidays and traditions. It expands towards naming different people in the family, and in telling stories about them. It then proceeds to introductions of the globe where we physically place ourselves in the world.

This curriculum focuses on the 3 years old to 4 years old development milestones.

Incorporating Montessori and Waldorf Principals.

  • Activities are often child led and done on a Montessori Tray.
  • Activities often have extension recommendations for free play in conjunction with the activities.
  • Activities use natural materials as much as possible.

Read more about Montessori Principals and Waldorf Principals are incorporated here.

Incorporating Character Education

When I write out each activity in the packet, I try to include in the teacher’s notes and label some key points where character education can be practiced so that any mom would be able to institute whenever the child shows an interest.

Read more about Character Education here.

What does our January Curriculum look like?

January is a test month in which I try to refine both the curriculum as well as refine my write up of the preschool activities: Homeschool-January-2019.pdf

  1. Gross Motor Pose of the Day – We practice yoga in the morning and we do one pose per day. It inspires my son to consciously think about movement and to name the movement.
  2. Homeschool Curriculum –
  • We have a theme each week: Body, Animals, Emotions, Shapes & Patterns, Story.
  • We have 3 preschool activities per day with one activity that is a sensory activity that is either STEM or ART or both.

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