Mardi Gras Preschool Activities

This week, in our homeschool preschool, our theme is “Mardi Gras”. We will be learning about the history of Mardi Gras as we embark on a week of preschool activities or toddler activities to celebrate Mardi Gras. We start the week by making party hats and masks. Then, we move on to make party sensory bottles. We finish the week by learning about counting coins and naming colors.

Here’s the history of Mardi Gras to tell your children.

Here’s some Mardi Gras Music on Youtube for that dance party.

Download the our march curriculum.

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Our Curriculum for this week:

03/04/2019->03/08/2019Theme: Mardi Gras
1Making Party HatsMaking MasksMardi Gras Sensory Jar Mardi Gra Coin Toss GameMatching Colors on Color Wheel
2Decorate Party HatsDecorate the Masks with DrawingWater Painting with BrushHow many coins are in the jar?Naming Colors
3Alphabet Letter Party Sensory BinPretend Play with MasksMaking a Bead Party NecklaceCoin Transfer SensoryTwo Color Mixing = Purple

Making Party Hats

Skills: Fine Motor Skills

Materials: Construction Paper of Purple, Green, Yellow, glue stick

Presentation Notes:


  • Decorate the hat with sparkles or confetti.
  • Draw on the hat with a marker.

Character Lesson: Creativity

Alphabet Letter Party Sensory Bin

Skills: Verbal, Letter Identification

Materials: Colorful rice or confettis, magnetic letters

Presentation Notes:

Create the sensory bin together.

  • Identify the letters and name them.
  • Give an example of a word starting with this letter.

Character Lesson: Patience

Making Mardi Gras Masks

Skills: Fine Motor Skills

Materials: Paper, Glue, Stick

Presentation Notes:


  • Color the masks and draw patterns on it.
  • Pretend to be a masked creature while play in a fort.

Character Lesson: Imagination

Mardi Gras Sensory Jar

Skills: Calm

Materials: glitter, water bottle, oil

Presentation Notes:

  • Make a variety of sensory bottles with your child.
  • Watch as your child is mesmerized with the bottles.


  • Take a brush and dip in water, then use the brush to paint on a piece of paper
  • Make bead necklace with large beads.

Character Lesson: calm

Mardi Gras Coin Toss Game

Skills: Gross Motor Skills

Materials: Paper cups or buckets, coins

Presentation Notes:

  • Setup paper cups or buckets on a table.
  • Toss coins into the paper cups or buckets.


  • Count the number of coins as the game proceeds.
  • Count the number of coins in each cup.
  • Dump out all the coins onto a serving tray. Sort the coins.

Character Lesson: Concentration

Color Wheel Color Matching Game

Skills: Verbal, Color Recognition

  • Materials: Color Wheel, Color Paint Swatches
  • Match the color paint swatch with the color on color wheel.

Presentation Notes:

  • Name the colors on the color wheel with your child.
  • Match the colors on the color wheel with the paint swatches.


  • Tell your child about the purple color. Use red and blue paint to mix to create the color: purple.

Character Lesson: Social

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