5 Strategies To Play Your Way Into The Carseat

From 13 months onwards, my son found this insatiable need to scream bloody murder every time I put seat belts on him. Everyday, I dreaded piling him into the car. Everyday, I took my deep breath after he was appeased once he was strapped to the car seat. So one day, I decided to procrastinate…then.. magic!
I let my son play in the drivers seat of my car while I sat on the passenger seat. We turned on the music to play his favorite song. We opened a snack bag to eat some snacks while he danced happily to the music. Then, it clicked,.. it’s so cozy warm in here. What can we do in this car seat besides pretending to drive the car?

5 Strategies for a Calmer Toddler in a Car.

1) Clean the car with toddler

I gave my son a baby wipe and there he goes wiping down the rear view mirror, the window and the cup holders.

2) Blowing bubbles

With some well played sound tracks, I blew some bubbles at my toddler. Then of course, I wipe down the area. He wipes with me.

3) Eating Vegetables

Usually we are in the car either going to a place he loves or coming from the place he loves, so it’s a time of fun and excitement. What better time to coax a happy child into eating things he doesn’t want to eat than when he’s happy. Now, I have a snack bag of vegetables just to share with him on the driver’s seat and I’m on the passenger seat.

4) Read, Read, Read

We got in a habit of reading a book in the car before we got going. After a while, he will climb into his car seat to listen to the book. Then, when we got going, he will look over the book while he’s in the car seat.

5) Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

We got stickers that are easy to peel off online. I use them to get him into the car seat as well. He will then take his stickers that he was awarded with and stick it on different places: his legs, his arms etc.. I also made a collage of stickers in front of him on his mirror where he can look at when he got bored.

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5 Ways to Play Your Way into the Carseat

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