iPad Apps Sequence For Puzzle Learning

We started iPad games at the age of 16 months. We were media free until then. For a while, we did 20 minutes of iPad games per day for JJ. It increased as his interest increased to 1 hour at some point. But, now we are back at only about 20 minutes per day. During that time, I introduced inset puzzles to him during our play hours. He loved working with the inset puzzle pieces. But, mostly he loved the iPad puzzle games more. Here’s the list of progression of iPad games we used for him as his skill level increased. It helped him learn shapes, colors and the names of household items. But, most of all, he carried his skills into his activities during the day which I loved. He would identify shapes when we went to the park or when we played at home with his legos.
Using this games progression, I believe every child can learn to do puzzles and have fun with it. It’s a great way to supplement their puzzle learning at home.


This is a game based on matching household items, instruments, animals etc.. This game is not overloaded with sights and sound. It’s more of a Montessori based with direct attention on the objects. We started with this game when JJ wanted to know the names of everything. It is a perfect game to introduce during the “pointing” stage.

Shape Gurus

This is a game based on identifying shapes in various places such as: a village, a coal mine, a spaceship, a tree etc… It’s fun as the story progresses. Initially, I would do some of the puzzles for him as he watched. But, eventually he learned to do them independently. At the end of the game, the rocket flies off which is kind of amazing to watch.

Smart Baby Shapes



This is a game that really tests shape knowledge. Shapes are matched as the puzzle pieces are dispensed. However, the puzzles comes in at surprising variations. The game also really tests attention span. In the beginning it was really frustrating when JJ couldn’t do the harder levels. That frustration is what you want from someone who’s learning

Toddler Games and Kids Puzzles



This is a sea animal puzzle game. It has basic inset puzzle variations as well as memory game for when your toddler starts to remember more. The music is really catchy. JJ loved this one as he could relate this one to his inset puzzles that he played at home.


This game contains all the puzzles you would need for your little one. It has inset puzzles such as cars, animals etc.. It also has jigsaw puzzles up to 7 pieces. JJ learned to do jigsaw puzzles on this game.




This is what I would call a more advanced jigsaw puzzle game plus vocabulary learning app. This game contains more than 7+ pieces jigsaw puzzles. This game continues to frustrate JJ. It is probably the one game that will get him to do a floor puzzle at some point.
With these iPad puzzle games, not only do you keep your toddler busy but you are also teaching them spatial skills that can be applied to his/her learning later on.

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puzzle games for toddlers

This is the ipad apps sequence you need to teach your child to play puzzles. Use ipad to supplement puzzle playing at home. Click to read more.

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