Homeschool Preschool – Valentines Day Activities

In our homeschool preschool, Valentine’s Day activities around the week of February 14th is a time for learning about emotions, empathy, and gratitude. With these activities, we are learning about patterns, shapes, counting as well as naming emotions, demonstrating empathy and demonstrating gratitude.

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*Activities with sensory materials are self-explanatory

Heart Colored Pattern CardsValentine’s Day Card for MomValentine’s Day NecklaceCoffee Filter Broken HeartShapes with Peg Board
Counting heartsValentine’s Day Writing “Mom”Counting BeadsNaming/Acting out EmotionsCounting & Naming Shapes
*Play dough making heartsValentine’s Day Heart Jello*Valentine’s Day Brownie Heart*Play dough heart break*Play dough cutting shapes

Heart Colored Pattern Cards Preschool Activity

Skills: Logical Reasoning

Materials: Printout cutouts, pom poms

Presentation Notes:

  • Putting the right colored pompoms onto the right heart.


  • Naming Colors
  • Counting Hearts
  • What colored heart should come up next in the pattern? 

Character Lesson: Problem Solving

Valentine’s Day Card for Mom Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, Verbal, Creativity

Materials: Mom’s picture, blank sheet of paper folded in half, stickers, crayon, glue

Presentation Notes:

  • Glue mom’s picture in the center and then draw a picture for mom with stickers. 


  • Writing a sentence or two.
  • What do you love the most about mom? 
  • Spelling the word “mom”

Character Lesson: Empathy

Valentine’s Day Necklace Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, Verbal, Creativity

Materials: large counting beads, shoe lace

Presentation Notes:

  • Make a necklace of the counting beads


  • Count the beads
  • Present the necklace to a loved one as a valentine
  • Spelling the word “love”

Character Lesson: Empathy

Coffee Filter Broken Heart Preschool Activity

Skills: Creativity, Emotions

Materials: Coffee Filter, Paint, Brush

Presentation Notes:

  • Make a heart out of the coffee filter
  • Dip the brush in paint then, create patterns of a break in the heart


  • Naming: happy, sad, angry, embarrassed while acting them out in a scene. 
  • Difference between broken heart and love explained in emotional terms.

Character Lesson: Empathy

Shapes with Peg Board Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, Logical Reasoning

Materials: Shape Peg Board

Presentation Notes:

  • Putting the right colored shape on to the right peg
  • Sorting the shapes accordingly


  • Naming the colors, shapes. 
  • Counting number of shapes on each peg.

Character Lesson: Problem Solving, Patience, Concentration

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