Earth and Spring Preschool Activities

This week in our homeschool preschool, our theme is “Earth and Spring”. In an effort to welcome spring, we will be discovering nature’s growth potential all around us. Through preschool activities such as creating flower craft, playing with mud, exploring weight of a rock and planting flowers, we will be learning counting, letters and patterns.

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Our Curriculum for this week:

03/18/2019->03/22/2019Theme: Earth and Spring
1Making a Flower CraftMaking Mud Sensory JarEarth vs. Rock Float ExperimentMaking Name CaterpillarFlower Planting
2Counting Flower PetalsDump Truck Rock TransportCounting Rocks to Match NumbersSounding out LettersNaming Flowers
3Making bird’s nest with YarnMud Sensory Tray with AnimalsWater Transfer ActivityPlanting Flowers Sensory BinSpring Scene Jigsaw Puzzle

Making a Flower Craft

Skills: fine motor skills

Materials: Craft Paper yellow and orange, Straw, glue

Presentation Notes:

  • Using the instructions in this youtube video, create the flower craft with your child.


  • Counting the Flower Petals
  • Read the letters you have put inside the flower petal together
  • Take a heap of yarn and pretend it’s a bird’s nest. Ask your child to find a bird in the toy bin. Let the bird play around the flower and nest in the yarn.

Character Lessons: imagination

Making a Mud Sensory Jar

Skills: transfer and scooping

Materials: Mud, Plastic Toy Animals, Water

Presentation Notes:

  • Combine all the ingredients in a jar and close the lid. Watch the mud settle to the bottom with your child.


  • Find a dump truck. Take mud and toy animals, ask your child to load up the truck.
  • Take a tray, put mud and a small pitcher of water. Ask your child to make mud pie.

Character Lessons: calm

Earth vs. Rock Float Experiment

Skills: science

Materials: small rocks of different sizes, mud, large bowl

Presentation Notes:

  • Stand at the sink with your child. Fill a large bowl with water. Ask your child to drop the mud and different rocks individually into the bowl and watch it sink.


  • Talk about density with your child.
  • Counting out the rocks as your child drops them into the bowl.
  • Give your child two bottles or a bottle and a pitcher. Ask your child to pour the water back and forth.

Character Lessons: persistence

Making Name Caterpillar

Skills: naming letters

Materials: craft paper, cloth pin, glue

Presentation Notes:

Using the instructions here, create the caterpillar by drawing circles and cutting them out. Then, put the child’s name on the caterpillar.


  • Sounding out the letters in the caterpillar.
  • Create a flower sensory bin by using fake flowers and soil. Using small planting pots to help your child plant the flowers.
  • Let your child’s caterpillar sleep in the flower sensory bin.

Character Lessons: perseverance

Flower Planting

Skills: scooping, transfer

Materials: soil, bin, fake flowers of different kinds, different scoops, small flower pots

Presentation Notes:

Plant the flowers in the sensory bin by scooping soil into different flower pots.


Name the flowers individually with your child.

Take your favorite picture of spring and print it out on a printer. (laminate it if you must). Cut out random pieces of the picure (3 or 4) and lay them out on the table. Ask your child to put the picture together.

Character Lessons: persistence

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