Dance, Dance, Dance

When JJ turned 2 years old, he took to music like fish to water. We’ve always played songs in the car when he was a baby. We used to watch children’s songs on youtube and sang together. But, he didn’t seem to be inspired by music until he realized that he could move to the music.
It was by chance, that I introduced Sia’s “Chandelier” song to JJ on youtube one afternoon.  I have always loved the emotional content of that song. I thought he would enjoy it as well. Little did I know, he loved it so much that he started to dance to it. Then, he just couldn’t stop.
Over the next two months, he asked me nonstop to play Sia’s music list on youtube. Every afternoon after his nap, he would dance to Sia’s music list. He imitated the dance moves in every song as much as he could. I am still half amused and half shocked at this new interest of his.
It’s really magical to see a 2 years old so engrossed in his music. No, he had no dance lessons. No, I’m not a tiger mom who makes him practice every day. No, I don’t try to motivate him by dancing myself too. He usually requests Sia’s songs on the youtube playlist when he feels like dancing. He tells me when he’s done.
All I can say is: Thank you to Sia’s music and Maddie Ziegler’s dancing that my son’s found a new passion that we get to nurture.

Here’s JJ’s rendition of “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.

Here’s JJ’s rendition of “The Greatest” by Sia.

Here’s JJ’s rendition of “Bird Set Free” by Sia.

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two years old dancing Sia

Two years old dancing to 3 Sia’s songs: The Greatest, Cheap Thrills, Bird Set Free


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