Homeschool Preschool – Chinese New Year Activities

This week we are focused on a list of Chinese New Year Activities in our Homeschool Preschool. 2019 is the Year of the Pig. The date of Chinese New Year is Feb 5, 2019. These are wonderful culture activities for your preschooler. We start with making chinese new year crafts, then we paint a cherry blossom painting, then we engage our fingers with a rice bin. Finally, a tale of dragons should keep your preschooler dreaming into the weekend.

Celebrate the New Year with us!

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Golden Pig Fan with Popsicle StickPaper LanternCherry Blossom PaintingRice Tray Pattern TracingCupcake Linking Paper Dragon
Investigate China on a GlobeFocus on a candle flameFree style Painting with BrushLetter/Number naming Rice TrayCounting the tail of the dragon
Coin Sensory BinHanging Lanterns onto a treeRead about the Life of Cherry BlossomMaking a Face from RiceStorytelling of a dragon

***All “Storytelling” activities are where the parent can make up a story for the child.

*** Sensory Activities such as playdough etc.. are straight forward so no writeup.

Pig Fan with Popsicle Stick Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, verbal, story telling

Materials: Golden Pig Print Out, Cardboard, 1 Popsicle Stick, glue

Presentation Notes: 

  • Make the fan together with your child. 


  • Coloring the Pig with Crayon
  • What does the pig say? Where does the pig want to go? 

Character Lesson: Listening to Instructions, Persistence

Investigate China on a Globe Preschool Activity

Skills: Social

Materials: Globe, Pen, a star sticker

Presentation Notes: 

  • Demonstrate where China is on the globe, put a star sticker there. Ask your child to find it. 


  • Tracing the shape of China on the map
  • Youtube kids video about China
  • Making a great wall of china with lego blocks or mega blocks

Character Lesson: culture awareness

Coin Sensory Bin Preschool Activity

Skills: Sensorial, math, verbal

Materials: Coins of 3 different sizes, 3 different cups

Presentation Notes: 

  • Ask your child to put the right coin into the right cup.
  • Talk about the significance of money: what it’s used for.


  • Throw the coins out of the bin on to the floor and ask your child to collect them.
  • Naming the different coins.
  • Counting the coins as they are sorted. 
  • Chinese New Year often involve giving money to children in a money pouch, ask older siblings to put x number of coins into money pouch for younger siblings. 

Character Lesson: concentration

Paper Lantern Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, Verbal


,glue, scissor

Presentation Notes:

  • Make the lantern with your child.
  • This website helped us make ours with the printout.


  • Glue a cutout of a bottom on to the lantern
  • Ask your child to carry the lantern at night while chasing shadow

Character Lesson: imagination

Focus on a Candle Flame Preschool Activity

Skills: Focus

Materials: Lighted Candle

Presentation Notes:

  • Sit with your child in front of the candle, ask your child to look at the flame. 


  • Set a timer to see how long your child can watch the flame.
  • Practice deep breathing in front of the flame. 

Character Lesson: concentration

Cherry Blossom Painting Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, Creativity

Materials: pompoms, paint, paper, brush

Presentation Notes:

  • Paint a tree using brush
  • Demonstrate to your child how to add pompom leaves as cherry blossoms onto the tree. 
  • This tutorial shows a different brush to create the painting, you can try with your child too.


  • Free drawing, painting using hands or pompoms.
  • Tell a story of the cherry blossom.

Character Lesson: imagination, listening to instruction

Rice Tray Pattern Tracing Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor, math and verbal

Materials: stick, rice, tray

Presentation Notes:

  • Trace letters, Numbers and Patterns in the Rice Tray


  • Naming the letters and numbers
  • Giving example words of the letters
  • Counting grains of rice with the numbers named

Character Lesson: concentration, cleaning up

Cupcake Lining Paper Dragon Preschool Activity

Skills: Fine Motor

Materials: coffee filter paper, printout cutout, Poster Paper

Presentation Notes:


  • Counting the tail of the dragon
  • Play a game of “hide and seek” with a pretend dragon.
  • Read a story of the dragon together

Character Lesson: courage

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