8 Habits That Increase Productivity for a Blogger

Productivity is the perpetual beast that I struggle with while working from home as a blogger. I have a toddler that I take care during the day. I am constantly distracted by my child’s needs. It’s difficult to have enough focused attention to write a good blog post. On top of that, I blog on multiple platforms. I also pitch my writing to other websites. I write at least 45 blog posts a month while working only 4 hours a day. It took 6 months to develop the habits I needed to increase productivity while working from home as a blogger.

Wakeup Writing

Some people wake up to a piping hot cup of coffee. I write before I even make my cup of coffee in the morning. My mind is a blank canvas in the morning. This means that my writing flows naturally. My writing needs less editing.

Two-Day Revise Sequence for One Blog Post

Early in my blogging days, I wrote posts that were littered with grammatical errors. I used to read them several times just to make sure I caught all the errors before I posted them. There’s a method for efficient blogging that minimizes mistakes. This method involves spreading out writing a blog post and editing a blog post over two different days. When I edit my blog post the next day, I usually catch more mistakes.

Milestone Blogging

Blogging on any platform can easily become an overwhelming process. Each blog post requires the writer to write, edit, publish, create publicity material and publicize on multiple social media channels. Once the blog becomes a brand, then monetization involves building an email list, creating campaigns and creating products. Recently, I started to milestone my blog into phases: Content Creation Phase-> Brand Building Phase -> Product Creation Phase -> Publicity Channels Creation Phase -> Monetization Phase. Knowing which milestone that I am on at the moment helps me to place realistic expectations on my blogging work.  


Blogging takes a lot of time. It’s much more than just putting out a blog post. Managing multiple social media channels while creating blog posts is not easy. Adding product creation to the mix, I can easily feel overwhelmed. I take time every day to take care of myself. This means that I always get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This means that I eat three healthy meals a day. This means that I go through my self-care routine after my work sessions: morning, afternoon and night. This also means that I put my son first before my work most of the time.

Dedicated Social Media Time

Managing social media accounts is difficult. It involves scheduling social media posts. Then, dedicating time to interact on social media. Every week, I dedicate one day to schedule my social media posts. Then, every day, I log into each social media account once per day to interact with my followers.

Planning Tasks for the Week

You will often find me checking off items from my to-do list throughout my day. I plan that to-do list on the weekend every week. Then, I try to stick to that list as much as I can. In the beginning stages of blogging, it’s often difficult to stick to the list. Ideas will come up that will send you to other tasks that might seem more important. As my blog grew, I am able to stick to my to-do list more often.

Focus Energy on the Most Important Tasks

Every day, there are tasks on my to-do list that must be done. I try to prioritize my time to accomplish these tasks at the start of my day. Then, as the day progress, I try to accomplish as many of the “less” important tasks on my to-do list.

Set Yourself Up for Success

For a while, I was overloading myself with too many tasks on my to-do list. My to-do list was stressing me out. Now, I only put the essential tasks on my to-do list. I give myself more time on my projects. When I accomplish my projects with more time to spare, I reward myself. I often reward myself by doing a creative project that I love. This way, I am planting more seeds in my creative garden.

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Tips to build habits to help you increase productivity as a blogger. I use these habits to juggle managing two blogs while I work from home.


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