5 Unexpected Positive Impacts of Blogging

When I started blogging, I didn’t expect that blogging about our family life will impact my life in these ways. Learning about parenting tips, services and activities just goes without saying. But, it’s these five impacts that made it worth it to spend my time on blogging.

Widening our connections in the bigger world

When I started marketing my posts, I started discovering wonderful mommy blogs, parenting forums, funny websites and lots of helpful resources. It made me feel more connected to the larger world. I no longer felt lost in my local community. When we encountered challenges in our lives, I feel more confident that we can search widely for solutions. Our problems also seemed smaller in comparison.

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Learning about myself as a mother

I never knew how strongly I felt about my parenting philosophy until I started to blog. Now I feel myself as a particular kind of mom taking shape. This really helped me to love my job as a mom. It also helped to validate my own parenting style. In the process of sharing tips and tricks, I can see in detail how my strategies helped my son. That not only serves as validation but it’s probably is the best reward of parenthood.

Understanding the power of social media to motivate

Being in the social media world with the possibility of being judged, I suddenly started to up my level of self care, parenting and womanhood. I started to demand more of myself, of what I get out of life and what I want for my family in life. I was no longer stuck in the life of sahm.

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Being present when I need to be.

I find myself spending all my non media time with my son. I value that time more. I try to make absolutely the best of it. From other mom’s blogs, I start to take notes of useful family fun activities. Then, I would pencil them into our schedule. It has helped to strengthen our bond even though I need to work. I’ve also taken to show my son the videos, photos I’ve taken of him. It’s my way of saying how proud I am and I think he feels that.

Taping into the business side of myself

It’s empowering to make single motherhood both financially stable and enjoyable. When I was in the corporate world, it never seemed enough the impact that I was making. Nowadays, it really helps to just be in control of all aspects of our family life. Being entrepreneurial no longer seems like a risky, unattainable dream but one that is very achievable everyday.

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Blogging has some positive impacts on the blogger. A new mommy bloggers tells her side of the story.

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