5 Oddly Repeating Phrases that Toddlers Say

Toddler say the darnest things. These are some of the examples that will unnerve any parent when said a billion times a day. Some of these Oddly Repeating Phases give me the chills just reading them on the page. I’m just glad the stage passes eventually.
Does your toddler say any of these?

1) Mom, Mom…

This is one virtually all toddlers say repeatedly over and over again.

2) Again, Again..

3) Snack, Snack…

5) No, No, No…

6) Mine, Mine…

Check for more funny moments: 10 Oddly Satisfying Moments As a Parent of a Toddler.

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Oddly Repeating Phases that give any parent the chills just hearing them. Click to see these hilarious videos of toddlers saying them.

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