30+ Resources for Parents of a Gifted Child

Parenting a gifted child is notoriously hard. But, it does not have to be. I’ve combed the web to find the following resources for your family. I won’t lie. I suspected my son might be gifted for a few months during his early childhood. So, I started to do all this research then.
I still don’t know if my son is “gifted” or not. It doesn’t matter now that I found resources to support him. Some of these resources:

  • have made our family life more fun and parenting less exhausting.
  • genuinely lessened my worries for the future.
  • gave me a sense of clarity about the issues.
  • laid out a map for resolving some of my “gifted child”, “strong-willed child” or “sensitive child” issues.

Most of all, these resources helped me develop a vision for the future. 
I hope some of you (moms) out there with “gifted child”, “strong-willed child” or “sensitive child” can benefit from this blog post.

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Raising Gifted Child Must Bookmark Websites

These links are the ones that you want to bookmark asap. They will guide you through so many issues that you will encounter. They will also create opportunities to connect with other gifted parents.

  1. Davidson Institute
  2. Hoagies’ Gifted Education
  3. National Association for Gifted Children
  4. RaisingLifelongLearners
  5. My Little Poppies
  6. Very Well Family 
  7. Crushing Tall Poppies
  8. SenGifted.org

Gifted Child Evaluations & Characteristics

If you suspect you have a gifted child, you want to find out the real characteristics. Perhaps, your child is only a toddler or a baby. Perhaps, your child has been asked to be evaluated by the child’s teachers at school. Below links will help to give you a background so that you are informed when going through the process of getting your child evaluated.
Always, Always, I stress the need to go see a specialist such as a pediatrician or a child psychologist!

  1. Gifted Adults and Children Characteristics Explained
  2. Gifted Children Characteristics Explained
  3. Gifted Parenting Forum Discussing Characteristics
  4. Gifted Toddler Milestone Chart
  5. Gifted Child vs. Bright Child
  6. Gifted Child vs. Asperger’s Disorder
  7. Highly gifted children in the early years

Gifted Child Sensitivities

Gifted Child often has over-sensitivities. If you have a gifted child with some of or all of those sensitivities, you want ideas to handle these sensitivities or to manage them. Below links will help you.

  1. Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children
  2. Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities in Gifted Children
  3. Vulnerabilities of highly gifted children
  4. Profiles of the Gifted and Talented
  5. Overexcitability and the Gifted
  6. The truth about Overexcitabilities

Gifted Child Education

If you are tired from arranging extra-curricular activities to help your gifted child learn. You want to figure out the right education mix for your child. Below are a number of resources that delve DEEP into the different learning resources that are available.

  1. Gifted Education in the U.S.
  2. Schools for the Gifted Child
  3. Dealing with Educational Professionals
  4. Davidson Academy Online School
  5. Homeschooling Curriculum for the Gifted Child
  6. Guide to Homeschooling for the gifted

Books for Parenting a Gifted Child

Some of these books have helped many parents parent their gifted children so that these children will live up to their potential. I’ve read a few. They are really enlightening on parenting as well as the real work involved in parenting a gifted child.

  1. 10 Awesome Books for Parents of Gifted Kids
  2. 10 Great Books on Parenting Gifted Children

Book Recommendations for the gifted child

Books are a great way to keep your Gifted Child engaged. Finding the right books is key. Below links will help you.

  1. Top 10 Books for Gifted Children
  2. Reading List for your Gifted Child
  3. 10+ Picture Books for Gifted Children

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Additional Resources on  Parenting Gifted Children

All of these additional resources contain lists of links or forums for discussions that will help you with raising your gifted child.

  1. Resources for Parents from NAGC
  2. Gifted Reddit
  3. Gifted and Talented Mumsnet

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Parenting a gifted child is hard. Here\'s 30+ resources to make it easier. click to read more.

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