10 Ways to Increase Pinterest Engagement Exponentially with Tailwind in the First Month of Starting a Blog

The first month of starting my blog was a huge learning experience. Prior to that, I had purposefully not used social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest in the last few years. Being technology free allowed me to live more in the present.
However, it also meant that I had to learn very quickly when I wanted to start my blog. For the most part, my experience was made easier by these five tools.

You can read about it here.

In the early days, Pinterest proved to drive the most traffic to my blog. Tailwind scheduler was a god send that saved me hours of work load. Signing up for the free plan in the first month of starting my blog allowed me to focus on other areas of starting my blog that required more time.

Read about my story below, if you want to achieve the same results. It’s as easy as following the steps.

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In the first two weeks of starting my blog, I setup my Pinterest page and a couple of boards. Immediately, I scheduled close to 200 pins in Tailwind for the next few weeks. This allowed me to fill my board, it also allowed me to publicize my posts. I queued up 1 week worth of posts at a time in Tailwind. I also signed up for a few dozen Tailwind Tribes. These tribes allowed me to expose my content to other bloggers quickly and efficiently. Very quickly in the first two weeks, my posts were getting repined and my boards were getting followed. In one month, my avg monthly engaged grew from 10 to 1,046; my avg monthly viewers grew from 537 to 56,008.
This is my engagement before signing up for Tailwind:

In the first month of starting my blog, I increased my Pinterest Engagement exponentially and kick started my traffic. Click to read about how I did it.

pinterest engagement 2
In the first month of starting my blog, I increased my Pinterest Engagement exponentially and kick started my traffic. Click to read how.

This was my engagement after signing up for Tailwind two weeks later:

In the first month of starting my blog, I increased my Pinterest Engagement exponentially and kick started my traffic. Click to read how.

Granted it’s still not a lot of average monthly engaged. But, it’s pretty decent growth for two weeks.
Then, within another two weeks, the engagement growth doubled again.

Pinterest engagement 4
In the first month of starting my blog, I increased my Pinterest Engagement exponentially and kick started my traffic. Click to read how.

If I can do this while I juggle potty training and parenting my son all by myself with no support, then anyone can do it.

Below are all the steps to follow, do it and you will be the master of Pinterest using Tailwind.

1) Schedule Pins in Tailwind at 1 hour intervals to your boards every day.

In the beginning of starting a blog, it’s virtually impossible to determine the best times to pin content unless you schedule pins every hour on the hour. Eventually, your Tailwind analytics will tell you when the most popular pinning time is. Tailwind will also recommend better pinning windows for you. This way you can schedule the most popular material at the most engaged times.

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2) Add a new board and pin quality materials on that new board every week.

For me, adding a new board is the same as creating a new post. I take good care to review all the materials that go into that new board. I also pin everything in one shot on a weekend morning so that my followers don’t get inundated with updates from me. The new board also relates to my posts for that week so that I can refer to it in my posts.

3) Schedule Original Rich Pins to new blog posts everyday using Tailwind.

Rich Pins are the kind of pins that have a higher repin rate. It also attaches your profile to the pin. This helps a lot as it makes the repiner more likely to follow your profile and thus follow all your boards. To get approved for Rich Pin, follow the instructions here.

4) Organize your boards by creating sections.

More important than putting a consistent title on your boards is the organization on your board. I regularly organize my board by sections and make sure the newly pinned materials are in the correct sections. This helps the followers to find new materials that I have pinned.

5) Write good descriptions of your profile, your pins and your boards.

The descriptions of your profile, your pins and your boards are what Pinterest uses to recommend your pin to others. It’s crucial that they contain search terms used by Pinterest. My experience has been that the more honest and descriptive your profile, your pin and your board is, the more likely people will follow your profile in general. So, it’s better to take time to write out those descriptions in detail.

6) Join at least 12 Tailwind tribes that fits your account’s boards.

The best advice I have received by far when I first started my blog was to join Tailwind tribes. Once your pins are pinned in the tribe, repins just grows, the longer a pin is in the tribe, the more repins it receives. It’s almost like planting seeds in multiple gardens. Eventually, they will all grow to give you exponential growth on your traffic.

7) Engage on Pinterest by scheduling recommended pins using Tailwind regularly.

Each day, I would send a few of the recommended pins to be scheduled using Tailwind. These pins are often great discoveries. I’m also using them in my own daily life so I feel good about recommending them. It saves me time by search for pins to schedule onto my boards on the weekends.

8) Engage in Tailwind tribes by sharing pins and scheduling them using Tailwind.

Sharing pins from the tribes is also a great way to discover new materials and share them on my boards. It’s a great way to discover other great bloggers that I would want to work with or follow.

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9) Regularly review analytics to determine the effectiveness of tribes and join new more effective tribes when appropriate.

This was something I did from day one, if my pins don’t get pinned regularly in a tribe, I stop pinning to the tribe or I left the tribe. This helped me narrow down the tribes that are most effective for my niche. There are so many tribes, sometimes, the smaller tribes yielded most results for me. They brought me exposure to other bloggers who were most interested in my pins.

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10) Regularly review analytics to determine the effectiveness of pins and promote the most effective pins.

Each week, I reviewed the analytics on my Pinterest account to see which posts are repined the most. This helped me to determine what my audience wants to see more of. I then created my posts in that topic or boards in that topic. It also helped me narrow down a handful of posts that I would want to pin to more tribes in an effort to market them more often.

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Now that you know all the 10 steps, all you have to do is follow these steps and you will see your engagement grow as well. Btw, I’m beginning this blogging journey just like you.

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