10 Reasons Why I'm My Son's Daddy Too

I remember the day that my son called me “daddy”. I’m a single mom to my son. He’s called me mommy since he was a baby. When he started differentiating gender differences, he first started to notice daddies on playgrounds. Then, whenever a friend called his daddy “daddy!”, he would imitate them. I remember feeling sad when he called strangers daddy. I never spoke to him about it. I’m still trying to find a way to tell him that I’d like to be his daddy too. Then, one day out of the blue, my son called me “Daddy” on the playground. It made my day. Heck, it made my year.
Now, I’m inspired to write this post and tell you all the reasons why I’m “daddy” to my son as well. It is empowering for a single mom to think of herself as taking on both roles. After all, a lot of us without a partner to rely on are carrying on both roles ourselves everyday.

These are the ten reasons why I am my son’s daddy too. 

1) I am the daddy that will pull him off a large climbing structure when he could climb up on but can not get down off of.
2) I am the daddy that introduced power tools to my son and helped him name all the tools in the bag.
3) I am the daddy that fixed his toys when they went out of battery; fixed the curtain that he managed to pull down; fixed the tricycle when it the gear needed oil.

4) I am the daddy that stayed up until midnight to put together that play table, that toddler bed and that tricycle.
5) I am the daddy that redecorated our patio so that he can have a sand box, a painting easel and a sensory table for those times that we just want to hang at home.
6) I am the daddy that made a busy board and modified our ever changing obstacle course in our living room.
7) I am the daddy that introduced the first curse word to my son when we were stuck in traffic.

That first time you heard your parents say a curse word.

8) I am the daddy that showed him how to aim and pee in the potty correctly.
9) I am the daddy who takes him on road trips just to show him a good time.
10) I am the daddy that chases him and rough houses with him when he asks me to.

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