10 Oddly Satisfying Moments As a Parent of a Toddler  

When I look through my photo album, I’m often struck by those little moments of triumph that I feel even though perhaps I shouldn’t. I live for these moments as a parent.
Do you have an oddly satisfying moment as a parent?

  • Your toddler does the straddle around the potty chair and then actually deposits accurately.

  • Your toddler falls off his little chair after you’ve told him not to climb the thing 1000 times.

  • Your toddler tames his own tantrum at the sight of ice cream.

  • Your toddler chases around older kids in the park but can’t catch them. (You know a good night’s sleep is near!)

  • Your toddler laughs in his sleep loud enough to wake up everyone but not himself.

  • Your toddler gets told off by another toddler at the playground: “Mine, All Mine.”

  • Your toddler thinks any cleaning device is a toy.

  • Your toddler eats like a lion during growth spurs.

  • Your toddler eats with a utensil even though it’s much easier to eat said food with his fingers.

  • Your toddler uses one verb to describe all actions: “Do it.”

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